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Are 78 records worth any money?

Looking for an answer to the question: Are 78 records worth any money? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Are 78 records worth any money?

The most collectible 78s today are those from the late ’50s, when 78s were less common and releases were often pressed on multiple formats. In the U.K., for example, Elvis Presley ’s “A Mess of Blues” is highly collectible as a 78 because it is much easier to find as a seven-inch vinyl single.

78 RPM records are made of thick and brittle shellac, which is highly breakable and causes edges to easily chip. 33 RPM records are made of sturdier vinyl.

A 78 RPM record is a flat disc record that was made before the late 1950s. It plays at a speed of 78 revolutions per minute, which is where it gets its name. The "78" name was given to these records by collectors. 78s are generally made of a fragile material that can break and scratch easily if not cared for in...

How do I get rid of old 78 records?

How to Dispose of Old Vinyl RecordsSell old vinyl records on eBay. ... Sell records at a garage sale or flea market. ... Place a classified ad in your local paper or in your local area of Craigslist. ... Call your local library and see if they accept donations of vinyl records.

What is the best way to clean old 78 records?

7:0621:11Shellac Stacks: How to Clean 78s - YouTubeYouTube

What do I do with old 78 rpm records?

If you have old 78s you'd like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

What is the most valuable 78 record?

Longtime Blues record collector and expert John Tefteller was the winning bidder at $37,100.00 for a super rare Blues 78 rpm record by Blues legend Tommy Johnson. This is highest price ever paid for a single 78 rpm Blues record and one of the highest prices ever paid for ANY record.

Are 78 speed records worth anything?

The accompanying album covers of 78 vinyl records are often worth as much or more than the actual record discs. 78 records and their covers that were released between the 1950s and 1980s are particularly collectible with often elaborate and iconic art images and artist likenesses.

What do I do with old 78 records?

If you have old 78s you'd like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

Do Elvis Presley records have any value?

Elvis – Elvis Presley: up to $1,000 Elvis records don't tend to sell for much, given that most teenagers in 1950s America bought them by the bucketload. However, certain records are worth a pretty penny. Have a look out for mono copies of the King's debut album. Copies can sell for up to $1,000.

Does anyone buy old 78 records?

If you want to SELL YOUR OLD 78s and have a COLLECTION or ACCUMULATION of VINTAGE 78 RPM RECORDS from your ATTIC, or BASEMENT, from AUCTIONS or the inside of your OLD VICTROLA, from your PARENTS or GRANDPARENTS and want GREAT PRICES for them, you've come to the right place.

Where can I sell my 78 record collection?

If you want to sell it yourself and you have a lot of high-quality stuff (>$5 per record), you could post them on Facebook's 78 RPM Sell & Trade group or list on or even Facebook Marketplace or

How much are Elvis Presley 78 records worth?

The 78 rpm record, with its tattered yellow label, was once valued at $500,000 by Record Collector magazine, but in reality sold for $240,000 dollars (£160,000) in the Graceland auction.

What can I do with old 78 records?

If you have old 78s you'd like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

What's my 78 records worth?

Are 78 records valuable? Tefteller said in a phone interview. He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

How much are my 78 records worth?

He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

Is there a market for 78 records?

There's a thriving market for classical recordings on 78 – in fact some of the most expensive recent sales of 78s on eBay are of very early (pre-1910) classical works on obscure labels.

How old is my 78 record?

Often the best way to determine the age of a record is to look at the title and artist, and then research some dates. The copyright date of a song will give you a general idea, as will the birth and death dates of an artist.

What are the rarest 78 records?

Chasing The World's Rarest 78 RPM RecordsHear a few notable recordings from the 78 RPM era, as picked by guests Amanda Petrusich & Chris King:Geeshie Wiley, "Last Kind Word Blues"Willie Brown, "Future Blues"Skip James, "Devil Got My Woman"Blind Uncle Gaspard, "Sur Le Borde de L'eau"Sylvester Weaver, "Guitar Rag"

What can I do with broken 78 records?

Working on a hard flat surface, press the record down on both sides of the crack, and apply electrical tape to the rim where the crack is. ... Mix a very small amount of Epoxy.Spread thin line of epoxy along crack with toothpick.Let this sit for just a minute or so.

Is there a market for old 78 rpm records?

There's a thriving market for classical recordings on 78 – in fact some of the most expensive recent sales of 78s on eBay are of very early (pre-1910) classical works on obscure labels.

Are 78 records worth any money? Video Answer

Unboxing two 78 rpm records & general guidelines on buying & selling such records

Are 78 records worth any money? Expert Answers

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How Much are Your Old Records Really Worth?


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78 RPM Records Price Guide |

Beginning in the late 1930s, 78 RPM Records were usually mass-produced, thus making them quite common. 78 RPM Records from about 1945 onward are VERY common in most cases. Still, many command good prices on eBay and other sites, while others fail …

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ValueYourMusic - The 50 most valuable 78 rpm Records for ...

Looking for the value of a Vinyl Record, CD, Cassette or any other music format? Search within our archive of 22.1 Million sold auctions The 50 most valuable 78 rpm Records for Last Week - Price Guide for rare Vinyl Records, CDs, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel and more

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Are 78 records worth anything? - Quora

Answer (1 of 11): Old records are not valuable just because they are old. They acquire value based on a) their rarity and b) their condition. So a 78 has to be BOTH rare and in excellent condition, basically Mint (M) or Near MInt (NM) - which …

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Historic Music Library : 78s We Buy - 78 RPM Records ...

Although the 78s we buy are over 50 years old, only CERTAIN 78 RPM RECORDS ARE OF INTEREST TO US. In fact most 78s have little, if any, value to us but WE WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR to purchase the types of Vintage Shellac, Victrola or 78 RPM Records we want

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ValueYourMusic - Free 78 rpm Record Price Guide

3pc not for sale o.r.b.s forces broadcasting services 78 rpm record p.55 music Sold for 46.07 USD on 03 Dec 2021 (Buy It Now) 78 rpm

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How Do You Determine the Value of Old 78 Victor Records?

Because of this and other factors, consulting an expert or collector is the best way to determine the value of old 78 Victor records. Most 78 record price guides only contain information about records from specific genres of music that are popular with collectors.

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Vintage 78 Records | Collectors Weekly

Vintage 78 Records. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. Before iTunes, CDs, 8-tracks, LPs, or even seven-inch EPs, 78s were the main medium for recorded music, so-called because they were played at 78 rotations per minute (rpm). Produced primarily by Victor, Columbia, Brunswick, and Capitol, 78s were first invented by Emile Berliner in the late ...

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Check your home! These vinyl records are worth big money

Artist – Obviously records from extremely popular artists are going to fetch more money. Rarity of record ... be worth more. Do you have any signed records? ... 78-rpm record and is rare because ...

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Do old 78 RPMs have any value? | Steve Hoffman Music …

Find any Paramount 13000 series 78 (blues recordings from 1930), and you have a genuine rarity that's worth a decent amount of money, regardless of the title. Find Paramount 13001 or Paramount 13099, both by blues great Willie Brown (who played with Charlie Patton and Son House), and you have a 78 that will easily sell for $10,000+ if it's in ...

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The 7 Most Valuable Record Albums

Chet Atkins My Brother Sings 1959 Version. This album by legendary guitarist Chet Atkins …

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Vinyl Records Value – What Are Your Records Worth?

Label Variations. One album, 6 labels. One is worth $10; one is worth $10,000! A significant factor in determining a vinyl record’s value is the label on the record itself. A given album or single might have been released with several different labels on the disc itself, even among releases by the same record company.

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Do you have any of these valuable 45s? - Pomerado News

This 1962 record on Decca records is the first and, by far, the rarest of the Beatles’ American singles. Tony Sheridan was a United Kingdom recording star, and needed a …

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How to find out how much my 1930's 78 vinyl records are ...

Answer (1 of 5): Frankly, most 78rpm records are not worth much, because they were often stored for decades without sleeves and stacked on top of each other. Over the years, the 78s would attract dust and grit, and as the stacked records rubbed against each other, the …

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How Much Are Old Records Worth? Here’s What We Found Out

Most record collectors these days are between the ages of 18 and 35, and used record dealers will try to buy records that will appeal to both avid collectors as well as other, more casual buyers. That includes artists like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and John Coltrane. “There are still some Beach Boy fans out there,” Allen said.

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Are my old 78rpm 78s gramophone records really collectable ...

What kinds of records can be worth a lot of money? The most collectable records here in the uk are either very early or very late. If you have any E Berliner records, you have real treasure. These were the first disc records available. Nicole records, gramophone and typewriter, any 7-inch single sided discs, this means that whatever you have is ...

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How Much are Your Old Records Really Worth?

The most recent 78s (manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s) usually fetch the highest prices. All rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues 78s currently sell for $10 or more – $20 when in the original manufacturer sleeve.. Other collected 78s include early American Blues and Hillbilly records of the 1930s and 1940s.

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40 vinyl records worth a fortune today | Finance 101


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Here Are the 50 Most Valuable Vinyl Records on Earth - Paste

There is only one copy of the record in existence, which McCartney purchased from Lowe for an undisclosed sum back in 1981. The Beatles make a number of appearances on the list, but there are, too ...

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Tim Gracyk's Phonographs, Singers, and 78s -- The Value of ...

Docks' book can help one determine relative value--what records are hot, what records are ho-hum. You will find the 5th edition priced at $24.95 in good book stores. Don't spend more on the guide than your records are worth! It is a shame when people spend $25 on a book that fails to list their many 78s of Perry Como, Art Mooney, and Margaret ...

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Historic Music Library : 78s We Dont Buy - 78 RPM Records ...

We Don't Buy Any Of These 78 RPM Records. See the tabbed lists below and our 78RPM LABEL GALLERY for. examples of the 78 RPM LABELS WE DON'T BUY. MID 1930s-1950s. BIG BAND & POP. CLASSICAL, ORCHESTRA & OPERA. LATE 1930s-1950s.

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Most Valuable Vinyl Records | Work + Money

Most Valuable Vinyl Records John Cusack's music-obsessed character in "High Fidelity" would drool over the vinyl records in this list. Once the bastion of hard-core record hounds, nostalgic coots and too-cool hipsters, vinyl record culture has come back from near extinction to a Nielsen-estimated 14.3-million vinyl record sales in 2018.

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Collectors of 78 R.P.M. Discs Have Those Hard-to-Find ...

The record is worth about $8,000. Mr. Heneghan, 41, is part of a small but fervent community of record collectors who for decades have …

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Valuable vinyl records you might have at home

Those old vinyl records could be worth a fortune. ... First pressings of the Doors' fifth LP are worth good money, anything up to $1,100. ... Mint copies of the original 78 rpm from 1937 go for up ...

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78 records worth anything? : vinyl

78 records worth anything? A novice here - I have over 40 sets of 78 records that are mostly opera, classical stuff, collected by my dad in the 40's or so. I have no idea how to figure out if any of them are worth anything.

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10 Records You Might Have Owned That Are Now Worth a ...


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The 50 most collectable records of the 1950s

Unlike traditional “collectables” lists defined by monetary value, these are records picked for their importance as artefacts, whether rare, revolutionary or representative of a moment in time. We begin with the 1950s when the LP was in its infancy and the modern world as we know it was starting to take shape.

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Finding the Value of Old Vinyl Records | ThriftyFun

Whether 45, 78 or 33 1/3 records, they may have value to the right person or they can be reused for some interesting crafts. This is a guide about finding the value of …

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8 Rare Vinyl Records That Could Make You Rich - Estate ...

The Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (boxed set reissue, 1982) No discussion …

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If You Have One Of These Records It Could Be Worth ...

If you got into the grunge scene early, it's not going to pay off too much. A first pressing of Nirvana's 1989 debut, Bleach, is only worth a couple hundred bucks. However, a unique re-release of the set is worth about $1,500. The valuable record is a red and white marbled LP shrink-wrapped with a blue 7-inch. Only 500 of the sets were made.

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Old 78-RPM Records Worth Little to Collectors | Archive ...

once sold an old 78-rpm jukebox and the 78s that went with. it for 30 cents each. Another time, he acquired a 1,400-record. collection of …

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List of most valuable records - Wikipedia

Record Collector magazine listed the guide price at £200,000 in issue 408 (December 2012). McCartney had some "reissues" pressed in 1981 on UK 10-inch 78 RPM and 7-inch 45 RPM, in reproduction Parlophone sleeves, 25 copies of each; these …

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Record Albums Worth a Fortune Today - Reader's Digest

“Original Stack O’ Lee Blues” by Long “Cleve” Reed & “Little” Harvey Hull (Down Home Boys) …

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100 Most Expensive Records Ever Sold on Discogs

However, the Purple One has been dethroned. At the very end of 2020, Discogs witnessed a sale that surpassed the Black Album ‘s price tag. By a lot. Below is a ranking of the 100 most expensive records ever sold on Discogs, including our new No. 1: Choose Your Weapon by Scaramanga Silk. This list features vinyl (LPs, EPs, 7-inches, 12-inches ...

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78 RPM Vinyl Records for sale | eBay

The accompanying album covers of 78 vinyl records are often worth as much or more than the actual record discs. 78 records and their covers that were released between the 1950s and 1980s are particularly collectible with often elaborate and iconic art images and artist likenesses. Country and Rock 78 vinyl records are the most common albums in ...

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Vinyl Records Value Guide | Victrola –

Rock n’ roll, blues, and jazz records produced from 1960 to 1970 are the most valuable. A “valuable record” can range anywhere from $500 to $3000. Then again, the price is up to the seller. If there’s a certain record you’re after, try and find it listed in multiple places and then cross reference the prices.

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10 Country Records You Might Own That Are Worth Good Money


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How much is big band 78 records worth? - Answers

Big Band 78's are not worth that much because they are very common, especially if they're from the 1940's. There are exceptions, of course. Picture discs and autographed copies may be worth something.

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78rpm Records Wanted

If you have any such records for sale please go to my:Enquiries page And tell me: - How many records you have (as a rough guide 100 records equals one foot of shelf space) - Type of music (music hall/rock'n'roll etc.) - Whereabouts the records are located (nearest post town or first part of postcode, for example IP10, is fine). Sorry but due to time constraints, enquiries without the …

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Victrola Records for sale | eBay

Lot of 16 total 78 rpm Records 10” & 12” Jazz Victrola records. $10.00. 0 bids. $9.49 shipping. Ending Saturday at 2:09PM PDT. 2d 13h.

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Where to Sell Vinyl Records | See How Much Vinyl Records ...

Condition plays a major role in the value of any record, even the most rare and desirable copies. The most valuable are sealed copies in mint condition. “There are records that may sell for $1,000 in mint condition but are only worth $20 if the condition is poor,” Essmeier says.

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Vinyl Fetish: A List of Some of the Most Valuable Vinyl ...

NM Value: $1,500 - $3,000. There is an issue of The White Stripes' first record limited to 15 numbered copies which were sold at an early White Stripes show in 1998. They feature hand-painted covers by Italy Records founder Dave Buick and were pressed on white vinyl. NM Value: $5,000 - $10,000.

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ELVIS PRESLEYVinyl Records Price Guide


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Vinyl Records Value – Value of Old Records – Value of 45 ...

With years of expertise and unparalleled knowledge, we will be able to make you a fair offer for your collection that you won’t want to turn down. Call us toll-free today and see how much value your record collection has! WE BUY OLD RECORDS! CALL (888) 993-4673. We’ve been buying LPs, 45s, 78s & 12″ singles for well OVER 15 YEARS.

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How to Find Out How Much a 45 Record Is Worth | Our Pastimes

Seven-inch records, or 45s, were first introduced in the late 40s by the RCA Victor record label. The 45 record was made to be the rival of the 33, or 12-inch long playing record. It is called a 45 because it plays at 45 RPM's, or revolutions per minute on a turntable. 45 records have become boutique collectible ...

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Finding Gold in your old Record Collection

In terms of the value of your time, these records have already cost you more than they're worth. But you're determined that they have some value, and you hate to just throw them away. Then one of the 78s in Grandpa's set cracks during a garage sale shuffle, so eventually you get wise and donate the whole mess to the church rummage sale.

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The Victor-Victrola Page

We are not record experts, and have no information on the value of records other than to say that 99% of 78 RPM Victor (and other brand) records are worth no more than $2.00 each in good condition, and many are worth less than that. That fact …

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Rare vinyl records worth a fortune - MSN

'God Save the Queen' by Sex Pistols (1977) Estimated price: $10,570. Deemed unworthy of …

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The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold |

Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin - $2 million. By far the most expensive record …

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