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Are aftermarket parts certified?

Looking for an answer to the question: Are aftermarket parts certified? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Are aftermarket parts certified?

"After market" or "aftermarket" simply means that the product being installed onto or into the car is made by a company other than the original manufacturer of the vehicle. Any part made by the original manufacturer is considered OEM, or original equipment manufacturer.

The CAPA Official Seal. The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) is a non-profit organization established in 1987 and based in Washington, DC, United States, to develop and oversee a test program guaranteeing the suitability and quality of automotive parts. CAPA was created by automobile insurance companies.

Certified Automotive Parts Association, or CAPA, is a non-profit organization that tests the quality and suitability of automotive parts to encourage competition in the marketplace. Parts, which are CAPA certified, will have the CAPA seal next to their description throughout our Painted Automotive Parts website.

That's where after market auto parts come in. "After market" or "aftermarket" simply means that the product being installed onto or into the car is made by a company other than the original manufacturer of the vehicle.

Do aftermarket parts decrease value?

The use of OEM car parts has little to no effect on the value of your vehicle. Certain aftermarket upgrades, however, can have an effect. ... Too many upgrades and you may find that you've actually lowered the overall value of the vehicle, despite the combined value of the upgrades.

Are aftermarket parts genuine?

A genuine part is a part supplied by the vehicle manufacturer in their packaging. Aftermarket parts are parts produced by any other company. Often they are reverse engineered to be a very close to the original specification. Many options are available which can vary wildly in price and quality.

Why do insurance companies use aftermarket parts?

Auto insurance companies don't like OEM parts for the same reason body shops like them. It's the cost. Insurance companies use aftermarket parts to keep costs down, which in turn help to keep insurance rates low for everyone.

What is OEM vs aftermarket?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts are made by the same company that makes the vehicle. Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are produced by a different parts company and are often designed to be compatible with as many makes and/or models as possible.

Do aftermarket parts affect insurance?

Yes, you can add insurance coverage for aftermarket parts. However, it's often expensive, and it may not be available through a typical car insurance company.

What is the difference between aftermarket parts and OEM parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts are made by the same company that makes the vehicle. Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are produced by a different parts company and are often designed to be compatible with as many makes and/or models as possible.

Is CAPA an aftermarket?

Aftermarket parts that receive a certification from the Certified Automotive Parts Association (or CAPA, for short) are reputable. You know what you're getting, simply because the components have been tested, tested and tested some more.

Are aftermarket car parts legal?

California law does allow marketing and sale of an aftermarket performance part after an evaluation by CARB to ensure the part does not raise emissions. Once CARB approves the part, it is granted an executive order that allows the sale and installation of the part on pollution-controlled vehicles.

Does aftermarket mean fake?

Sometimes you might see other companies selling “aftermarket” watches. What does this mean? It means that the watches have replica parts. We are also seeing dealers use the term “custom made” to refer to the same thing: Fake parts.

What is the difference between NSF and CAPA certified?

For some lamps, only two of these three will be shown. Alongside these quality ratings will be "CAPA Certified" or "NSF Certified". CAPA stands for Certified Automotive Parts Association, and NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation - Consumer Products Division).

Does CAPA certified matter?

CAPA certification is the most effective standards-setting, quality assurance program of its kind. It establishes objective, measurable Quality Standards and Specifications for replacement parts for metals, plastics, lights, foam rubber and bumpers.

Can you put aftermarket parts on a financed car?

Absolutely. You can do anything you want to it as long as you keep making the payments. 2 things to keep in mind: If you somehow don't make your payments and the car is repossessed, you also lose all your mods when they take the car.

Is TYC CAPA certified?

TYC Becomes First Manufacturer to Achieve CAPA Lighting Certification | CAPA Certified Auto Parts.

Can you refuse aftermarket parts?

You shouldn't have to accept an aftermarket part when the damaged part was original. Do understand that unless your vehicle is brand new that an auto insurance company is allowed to consider the parts on your vehicle as used, which means it doesn't necessarily have to replace with brand new parts.

Can you modify a car you are financing?

If you are financing it to own it, yes, you can do what ever you want with it. If you are leasing the vehicle, the bank owns the car and will penalize you for just about all of the modifications. Most modifications are done to “personalize” a vehicle to the owners specific taste.

Can you modify a car that is financed?

If you want to modify your car, buy one with cash or finance it with an auto loan. When you take out a loan for a vehicle, you can do pretty much whatever you'd like, as long as it's legal and drivable. ... Since the car has your name on the title, it's your asset, and you can do with it what you wish (within reason).

What is the difference between CAPA and NSF certified?

Independent agencies NSF, who examines product development and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality. CAPA, who tests parts for material properties, fit, finish, paint adhesion, coating performance, weld integrity, adhesive performance and corrosion.

What is the meaning of aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts (also known as generic parts or non-OEM parts) are made by a manufacturer other than your vehicle's original manufacturer. ... Since OEM parts are made by car manufacturers, these parts are held to the same quality assurance standards that are placed on the parts in brand new vehicles.

Are CAPA certified parts good?

To date, over 128 million replacement parts have earned CAPA Certification by meeting or exceeding CAPA's stringent quality standards, making it one of the most widely respected quality assurance programs ever. That's the good news.

What does aftermarket replacement mean?

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are used to replace damaged parts in automobiles and other equipment, but their use may alter the coverage of an insured item.

Are aftermarket parts certified? Video Answer

OEM VS Aftermarket Car Parts-Which Should You Get

Are aftermarket parts certified? Expert Answers

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Edwin ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Do Your Aftermarket Parts Actually Need to Be CAPA Certified?


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Certified Aftermarket Parts – Auto Parts Group ...

Q Parts are aftermarket parts that have been certified by either CAPA, Thatcham TÜVRheinland or E-marked. An E-mark is evidence of compliance with the Australian Design Rules, where applicable. These international agencies test and …

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Do Your Aftermarket Parts Actually Need to Be CAPA …

Aftermarket parts that receive a certification from the Certified Automotive Parts Association (or CAPA, for short) are reputable. You know what …

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Annette ⭐ Answeregy Expert

What Are Aftermarket Parts? - The Balance

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts used in car repairs. They are not made by the car's original manufacturer, unlike original equipment …

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Johnathon ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Federal Regulation of Aftermarket Parts | Specialty ...

Many aftermarket parts are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on safety needs. Generally, the agency regulates equipment that is required on all new motor vehicles. Emissions-related parts are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board and other state agencies.

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What are CAPA certified car parts, and is it worth the ...

If your aftermarket car part is CAPA certified, it will have a CAPA seal similar to the one below. Each seal has a perforated tab that body shops can tear off and use to verify the use of a CAPA certified part on your car. The top portion of the seal remains on the car part itself.

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Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Car Parts

But you can find aftermarket parts whose quality meets or exceeds the OEM version. There's even an independent testing authority called the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) that tests and certifies replacement parts.

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Aftermarket Versus OEM Car Parts: Is the Extra Cost …

Aftermarket Parts An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car's maker. If the parts are direct replacement parts, they will not void your car's warranty. A number...

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CAPA Certified Auto Parts

CAPA The nation’s Independent Testing and Certifying Authority for automotive replacement parts. Established in 1987 as a non-profit public service. Learn More Look for the CAPA Seal! CAPA The nation’s Independent Testing and Certifying Authority for automotive replacement parts. Established in 1987 as a non-profit public service.

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Aftermarket, Performance and Add-On Parts

Additional Information for Manufacturers of Aftermarket Parts: An exemption from Vehicle Code Section 27156 (VC 27156), California's anti-tampering law, is required before any add-on or modified part can be sold in California. Manufacturers interested in obtaining a VC 27156 exemption for an add-on or a modified part should fill-out and submit ...

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Home - Certify Parts

Toggle navigation. Sign In; Search; Home; Products; Careers; About Us; Contact Us; Register

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CAPA Takes on the Aftermarket vs. OEM Parts Debate

CAPA Takes on the Aftermarket vs. OEM Parts Debate "A recent test conducted by the Certified Automotive Parts Association shows why it’s important to make sure you get automaker-certified replacement parts after an accident.

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Use of Aftermarket (Non-OEM) Crash Parts in Repair of ...

If the examined parts are equivalent in appearance, fit, material composition, and mechanical properties to new OEM parts, the aftermarket parts will be CAPA-certified.

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Aftermarket Parts Definition


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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Are They Really Better ...

After the conclusion of the testing, State Farm, as well as other insurance and automotive manufacturers, created the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) as a non-biased organization to test the quality of Aftermarket Parts for the automotive industry.

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Certified Aftermarket Parts – Part of the Puzzle ...

The aftermarket suppliers also want to sell all their parts because they are new, BUT without being certified we are not sure which of the aftermarket parts are of high quality, and past perception still plays a role in the repairer and insurer decision making process. The future lies, not in one or the other, but in all the above categories.

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Can Insurance Companies Force You to Use Aftermarket Parts ...

Some people believe that aftermarket parts are of lower quality than OEM. Aftermarket parts may not be of a like kind or quality to OEM parts – especially if the parts do not have certifications to prove their performance. The use of aftermarket parts during repairs could also interfere with a vehicle warranty.

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Aftermarket Auto Parts | Aftermarket Car Parts | National ...

With a state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot warehouse located in Grand Prairie, and a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Austin, our inventory is loaded with NSF and CAPA certified aftermarket auto parts as well as the rare OEM alternative auto part that you haven’t been able to find, at a …

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Aftermarket, Performance, and Add on Parts | California ...

Every Executive Order part or modification has an assigned number that can be verified by Smog Check stations, BAR Referee stations, or by CARB. More about this program Aftermarket Parts Check aftermarket, performance, or add-on parts for compliance with anti-smog rules. check Specially Produced Vehicles Emissions & safety requirements

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It was 1991. I was in Taiwan being taken to a manufacturer a few hours outside of Taipei up in the mountains. The forest was just beautiful, although the weather was hot, humid and wet. Suddenly, in among this beautifully lush, green landscape, there it was. An old, battered building, not so big, bu

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Certified Parts. Certified Parts are aftermarket parts that have been certified by either CAPA, Thatcham TÜVRheinland or NSF or E-marked. An E-mark is evidence of compliance with the Australian Design Rules, where applicable. These international agencies test and certify that the aftermarket part is comparable to the quality of the OEM part.

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Identification of Parts The model regulation requires that an aftermarket part manufactured after the effective date of the regulation carry sufficient permanent identification to identify its manufacturer. The identification must be accessible to the extent possible after installation. Like Kind and Quality

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Parts Distributor | CAPA Certified Auto Parts

Specify, CAPA Certified replacement parts. As the nation’s only independent non-profit replacement parts certification authority working in the public interest, CAPA puts crash parts through comprehensive tests to see if they fit, perform, last and are as safe as the original car company service part.

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Certified MOPAR Parts vs Aftermarket Parts | Los Angeles CDJR

Keeping this in mind, are MOPAR parts better than the aftermarket option? MOPAR parts are those that are manufactured and distributed by the carmakers. This means that they are certified, made specifically for specific cars and that they are often going to come with a good warranty and be made of superior materials.

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GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts ...

Live. •. is proud to deliver the Chevrolet Performance Parts and Accessories at everyday low prices. Find everything you need to fuel your classic, hotrod or race car. We carry all Big Block and Small Block Engines, Camaro Performance, COPO Program and everything else in-between to fuel your performance needs.

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Replacement Parts Guidelines- Aftermarket, Performance ...

Replacement Parts Guidelines- Aftermarket, Performance, and Add on Parts. ... Please note that only electric or ZEV conversions certified to minimum performance and durability standards are eligible for incentives such as HOV stickers. List of qualifying vehicles

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Uncertified "Grey Market" Parts For Car Repairs May ...

The Insurance Information Institute reports that aftermarket parts have saved consumers more than $2.2 billion in repair costs since 2010. The bad news: The bulk of these parts are not certified ...

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Phoebe ⭐ Answeregy Expert – Right Parts. Right Now.

At, we're confident that you'll be able to find the right part or accessory for your car, truck or SUV. But if for some reason you aren't completely satisfied with your order, we accept returns within 90 days of purchase—and we'll give you your money back! As a leading retailer of aftermarket car parts, our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind to buy parts online.

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California Approved Aftermarket Performance Parts ...

Installing Aftermarket Parts: I want to install some aftermarket performance parts on my car's engine but I'm worried I might have a problem passing the CA smog check. I want to install a turbo unit, air intake unit, and exhaust headers. How can I find out if the upgrade parts I want to use are California smog legal, and won't fail the emissions test? What about OEM parts?

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Database: Aftermarket Parts Database of Executive Orders

For more information about add-on and modified parts, or aftermarket catalytic converters, please contact: ARB's Public Information Helpline at (800) 242-4450 or via email.

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Can You File a Lawsuit For Defective Aftermarket Parts ...

Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) The Certified Automotive Parts Association is a non-profit organization established in 1987 to certify the quality of automotive parts used in collision repair. To receive certification, the parts must undergo a thorough multi-step inspection. This inspection includes a detailed review of the ...

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CAPA issues new guide to certified aftermarket parts ...

Sept. 19, 2011 — The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) on Monday release_notesd a new guide to its certified aftermarket parts for claims personnel and insurance adjusters. CAPA said the guide gives an overview of its program in a Q&A format and is meant to provide a better understanding of the benefits of using CAPA certified parts.

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Komatsu Parts | Aftermarket Komatsu Parts

When it comes to your Komatsu Equipment parts, there is no better source. We support some of the largest infrastructure businesses all over the world by offering the widest selection of Certified Premium Komatsu Aftermarket Parts (CPP) aftermarket European and OEM Komatsu parts ranging from huge engines to the smallest bits like nuts and bolts.

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After an accident, know whether you're getting aftermarket ...

The association tests parts to see if they are equivalent to manufacturer parts, including crash-testing structural bumper parts. About 25 percent of aftermarket parts are certified, he said.

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Aftermarket, Performance and Add-On Parts Regulations

Additional Resources. O n-Road New Vehicle & Engine Certification Programs. Heavy-Duty Certification Program. For hydrogen, biodiesel or non-hybrid to hybrid questions, please contact Antonio Martino, Manager Aftermarket Parts Section, at (626) 575-6848 or [email protected] .

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CARB Compliant Parts Search

Air Resource Board Approved Parts Tool. For CA and NY Certified Parts. is a Executive Order and CARB compliant search tool - giving you instant access to the latest Executive Orders and Carb compliant automotive parts. Search E.O. Search Part Number. Search Vehicle.

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Should You Use OEM Parts or Aftermarket Parts When ...

Because aftermarket parts are designed to accommodate as many vehicles as possible, they are versatile and can resolve a variety of autobody repair issues. Trust Certified Collision Center for Rapid Solutions . When you’re in need …

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Nahla ⭐ Answeregy Expert

OEM vs Aftermarket Parts: What’s the Difference ...

In contrast, aftermarket parts are produced by other manufacturers who create parts for all types of vehicle makes and models. Multiple options can be confusing. When working with a repair facility you have several parts options such as OEM, Aftermarket, OEM used and reconditioned. Some parts come with warranties, and others don’t.

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Is an Aftermarket Car Part as Good as an OEM Car Part ...


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Certified Rebuild | Cat | Caterpillar - Aftermarket Smarts

Performed by Cat® dealers and completed with genuine Cat parts New parts warranty on all replaced parts Latest engineering and technology updates With 0% interest*, secured financing for 24 months and more, now’s the time to consider a Cat …

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Joselyn ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Honda Aftermarket Performance Tuning Parts - CorSport

Honda is one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world. In addition to cars, they manufacture high-quality JDM performance parts and OEM parts that are compatible with many aftermarket parts. If you’re looking to boost your Honda’s performance with an aftermarket or JDM Honda part, you are in luck.

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Keoni ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Your Guide to Aftermarket Auto Parts | Auto Body Shop ...

Sometimes, aftermarket parts come with their own warranty that surpasses your original warranty! Each part is different so always ask. You can find certified aftermarket parts. If you’re wondering about the quality about aftermarket parts, look for a certification. CAPA and NSF International are two reliable certifications you can check for ...

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Marcia ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Toyota Hilux Head Lights - Aftermarket, Q-Part Certified ...

Our Toyota aftermarket parts range is compatible with your Hilux and are an affordable alternative to Genuine parts. Quality Toyota Q-Part Certified Headlights. Our range of Q-Part Certified Toyota Hilux aftermarket head lights have been certified by CAPA, Thatcham TÜVRheinland, or E-marked.

Answeregy Expert
Freddie ⭐ Answeregy Expert | Discounted Auto Body Parts

Shop by Categories. is one of the leading online stores providing quality auto body parts in the USA. With more than 140,000 discounted auto body parts and many of them CAPA certified, we have you covered. Through our services, we have established our name as a synonym of perfection and unbeatable prices.

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Cailyn ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Choosing OEM or Aftermarket Car Parts, What's Best?

There is an agency called the Certified Automotive Parts Association that tests aftermarket parts and certifies them if they are determined to be of the same quality as the original. Chances are that if a replacement part has been certified by CAPA, it will be equivalent to your damaged OEM panel.

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Caitlin ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Certified aftermarket parts initiative (CAP) motor vehicle ...

Certified Aftermarket Parts in this communication are aftermarket parts which are approved for use by Santam and are parts manufactured and produced by the same or different manufacturers to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) according to the same, better or similar specification than the original equipment (OE) part, ...

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Kar Parts Direct - Aftermarket Replacement Auto Body Parts ...

Kar Parts Direct has been serving the Greater Los Angeles area with high quality aftermarket auto body parts for over 15 years. We currently have two locations to service L.A. County and all surrounding cities. We strive to provide you with excellent customer service and assistance in finding premium aftermarket auto body parts for your ...

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Genuine Kia Parts - Power Kia

Aftermarket parts suppliers work to create their own product by copying a Genuine Kia Part, but have no affiliation with actual Genuine Kia Parts. Aftermarket parts may not have been tested for proper function or were not approved by Kia for use on Kia vehicles. These parts are not covered by any Kia warranties.

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Katherine ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Aftermarket Hyundai Replacement Parts | Get All Parts

Get All Parts is an excellent resource of Hyundai replacement and upgrade automotive parts. Through Get All Parts, your vehicle is covered from all four corners, whether you need a bumper, wheel, lighting, or steering wheel, we have thousands of original equipment and aftermarket replacement parts, as well as upgrade accessories, to fit your ...

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