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Are ajs motorcycles any good?

Looking for an answer to the question: Are ajs motorcycles any good? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Are ajs motorcycles any good?

You pay a premium for the AJS badge, but in the end, they are just Chinese bikes. They will depreciate like a rock (40-50% in year 1) and you will need to keep on top of cleaning and maintenance.

AJS Motorcycles is a famous British brand with more than a century of racing and manufacturing history behind it, today dealing exclusively in imported Chinese bikes.

That’s backed up by decent brakes, with a very good four-pot caliper on the front. The AJS is well put together, with nice touches like alloy rims and a stainless steel exhaust. If it doesn’t look café enough, then clip-on bars and piggyback shocks are on the options list.

The AJS is well put together, with nice touches like alloy rims and a stainless steel exhaust. If it doesn’t look café enough, then clip-on bars and piggyback shocks are on the options list. Who were AJS? One of the oldest names in British motorcycling, building its first bike in 1909.

Are Chinese motorbikes any good?

Much as Japanese bikes got stratospherically awesome, Chinese motorcycles are, on the whole, improving at a breakneck pace. ... But I have been keeping a very, very watchful eye on motorcycles of any displacement or powerplant, simply because the rate of change is phenomenal.

What engines do AJS motorcycles use?

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSEngine typeAir-cooled SOHC four-stroke singleGearbox5-speedSuspensionFront: Telescopic forks, non-adjustable Rear: Twin shocks, pre-load adjustableBrakesFront: Disc, 4-pot caliper Rear: Disc, 2-pot caliperTyresFront: 110/70-17 Rear: 130/70-17

Where are AJS motorcycles made?

The two-stroke AJSs had been built in Wolverhampton, at the Villiers factory but in 1970 the UK government provided a special subsidy that enabled AJS to open a new factory on Walworth Industrial Estate in Andover, where they assembled Stormer off-road motorcycles.

What is the most unreliable motorcycle?

The study's reliability findingsYamaha/Star (11% failed)Suzuki (12% failed)Honda (12% failed)Kawasaki (15% failed)Victory (17% failed)

When was the last Matchless motorcycle made?

During the amalgamations that occurred in the British motorcycle industry in the 1960s, the Matchless four-stroke twin was replaced with the Norton twin, ending a long history of independent production. By 1967, the Matchless singles had ceased production.

Who makes AJS motorcycle engines?

A.J.S was acquired by Matchless Motorcycles in 1931 and produced famous models such as 16MS, 18MS, Model 20,30,31, CSRs and the “Boy Racer” 7R. In 1966 A.J.S was absorbed into the Norton Villiers group.

Is AJS a Chinese motorcycle?

AJS Motorcycles is a famous British brand with more than a century of racing and manufacturing history behind it, today dealing exclusively in imported Chinese bikes. ... Fluff later bought the business from an ailing Norton Villiers, and set up shop dealing in spares for the Stormer and selling trail and motocross bikes.

Which is the best Chinese motorcycle brand?

10 Best Chinese MotorcyclesBenelli TNT 600. Although Benelli is an Italian company, it's majorly owned by Zhejiang, a Chinese company. ... Lexmoto LXR380. ... CFMoto 650 NK TT. ... Benelli 752S. ... Evoke Urban Classic. ... Zontes ZT310-T. ... VOGE 300RR. ... AJS Isaba 125.

Are Chinese built motorcycles any good?

Both bikes are in good condition, albeit not new - but both being Japanese with big dealer networks, a strong customer base and reputation for reliability and quality mean that a lot of folks looking for a learner-legal machine would opt for the Suzuki or Honda over the Lexmoto.

What motorcycles last the longest?

10 Used Motorcycles That Will Last You A Lifetime1 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500FI Classic (2000-2007) via AutoTrader.2 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 (All) ... 3 Suzuki SV650 (1999-2012) ... 4 Kawasaki ZX-6R (1995-2004) ... 5 Honda RVT1000R (2000-2006) ... 6 Triumph Tiger 955i (2001-2005) ... 7 Yamaha VMAX (2009+) ... 8 Indian Scout (2015+) ...

What is the best Chinese motorcycle brand?

Here are five of the best Chinese-made motorcycles that can be found out there:Benelli Leoncino. Nominally, Benelli is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. ... CFMoto 650NK. ... Chang Jiang 650. ... Sur-Ron White Ghost. ... Zongshen RX4.

What does AJS stand for in motorbikes?

A.J. Stevens & Co. THE HISTORY OF AJS MOTORCYCLES The name AJS stands for A.J. Stevens & Co., the firm's full official name. But that's an awful lot to fit on the side of a motorcycle tank, so they made do with the initials.

What dies AJS stand for?

Definition. AJS. Administration of Justice and Security.

What is the best British motorcycle?

The 10 Greatest British Motorcycle Brands in History1 / 10. Vincent. For motorcycle lovers, the Vincent name resonates with nostalgia. ... 2 / 10. Triumph. ... 3 / 10. Royal Enfield. ... 4 / 10. BSA. ... 5 / 10. Norton. ... 6 / 10. Brough Superior. ... 7 / 10. Velocette. ... 8 / 10. Matchless.

What are Lexmoto bikes like?

MPG, running costs and reliability – 4.1/5 Like most 125cc bikes, the Venom is cheap enough to run, you can expect to achieve around 100mpg, and the huge 14-litre tank means you won't have to fill up too often. Insurance won't cost an arm and a leg, either, and, it's a cheap bike to buy, run and look after.

What is the most reliable motorcycle brand?

The Most Reliable Motorcycle BrandsYamaha/Star. Yamaha is a Japanese manufacturer and was founded in 1955. ... Kawasaki. Kawasaki is another big name that people often consider when buying a new bike. ... Honda and Suzuki. Honda is a Japanese company that's been doing business since 1946. ... Harley Davidson. ... BMW. ... Ducati. ... Can-Am. ... Triumph.

Are ajs motorcycles any good? Video Answer

AJS Cadwell 125 Walk round video review of my bike

Are ajs motorcycles any good? Expert Answers

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Are AJS Motorcycles any good?


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Are AJS Motorcycles any good?

AJS is one of the oldest names in British motorcycling, building its first bike in 1909. Additionally, are Chinese motorcycles any good? “No.” But the quality has been increasing by leaps and bounds. Much as Japanese bikes got stratospherically awesome, Chinese motorcycles are, on the whole, improving at a breakneck pace.

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AJS motorbikes? Good or shite? - Bike Chat Forums

AJS seem similar to Lexmoto (except a much smaller operation). So they pick a few bikes from China from different manufacturers, import them and stick an AJS sticker on (mine also has an AJS stamp on the crankcase). Much of their lineup comes form Regal Raptor. You pay a premium for the AJS badge, but in the end, they are just Chinese bikes.

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First ride: AJS Cadwell 125 | MCN - Motorcycle News


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AJS Bike Reviews | BikeSocial

Page 1 of 1. AJS Cadwell 125 (2016): First Ride. 19/08/2016. Chinese-made cafe racer has a sub-£2k price tag. We took the brand new 125cc for a spin. More. AJS Highway Star 125 (2020) - Review. 22/04/2020. Big cruiser style in a small package.

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Herald / Bullit / Mutt / Mondial / AJS 125's - any good ...

The herald, Mutt bikes are in Hayward’s motorcycles in Cambridge. They do look great but as mentioned before the finish is not great, and that is why they are so cheap. The VanVan is so slow. I ...

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From the start, the Matchless G12/AJS Model 31 was a solidly built, reliable, if slightly dowdy motorcycle. Much understanding had been gained by AMC regarding the fortitude and foibles of the G11/Model 30.

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Top 10 Chinese Motorbikes | Popular Chinese Bikes | Devitt

AJS Isaba 125. AJS is one of the great names in British biking, and built some superb machines in the early 20 th century, even winning the 1930 Lightweight TT with Jimmy Guthrie. Later on, it was absorbed by Norton Villiers, but famous bikes like the AJS ‘Porcupine’ have ensured legendary status for the brand. Now, AJS bikes are still sold by a UK firm, but they’re made in China, with a ...

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The Chinese motorcycle with a rich British heritage - Bikesure

Nick Brown, the man behind the modern-day AJS, says Chinese bikes do not deserve their patchy reputation: “The design and quality has improved dramatically over the years and they’re a good inexpensive option for a lot of riders.”

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AJS Porcupine could become one of the most expensive ...

19 / 22. One of the world's most beautiful motorcycles, the AJS E95 was a derivative of the original Porcupine, albeit without the Porcupine finning. It launched in 1952 in a blaze of glory ...

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A Brief History of AJS Motorcycles - webBikeWorld

A new company, A.J. Stevens & Co. (AJS Motorcycles) was formed and opened for business on Retreat Street, in Wolverhampton. Their first product debuted at the 1910 Motorcycle Show, a 298cc side valve single with a 2-speed gearbox, just 2cc under the 300cc displacement limit to enter the 1911 Isle of Man TT. AJS’s factory race bike came in ...

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Quick Answer: Are Ssr Bikes Any Good - BikeHike

Are SSR motorcycles any good? On small, made-for-minis tracks, the bike works well, with superior suspension performance compared to other bikes in the play bike class. With its stout frame, beefy swingarm, large axles and huge fork tubes, the SSR can …

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AJS Isaba 125 (2020) Review | Full verdict here

2020 AJS Isaba 125 Verdict. The Isaba is different from other 125s, at least in its styling. It's not a retro street scrambler, cafe racer or roadster, and behind the understated looks is a very competent little bike, good to ride and easy around town. The low gearing is a drawback out of town, but if the individualism of the bike appeals, go for it.

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AJS Cadwell Clubman 125 – Full Review - Lexham Insurance


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AJS Regal Raptor DD125E Reviews in motorbikes & 125s at ...

I have a 2010 Ajs Daytona in red . It's a fantastic bike ,I'm 6 feet and a mature 52 year old rider who has returned to riding after a long absence . When I first got the bike it was 4 years old but I had a wee problem with the lack of power ,this was sorted by removing the carb and giving it a good clean with carb cleaner .

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Ajs 500 Motorcycles for sale -

One of the classic vintage motorcycle 1948 Ajs Matchless. running and in very excellent condition. Clean title and very original motorcycle. Only motorcycle lover can appericiate this one. 500 cc in black color only 4500+ original miles.

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AJS Modena 125 Scooter Review - Full Road Test - Lexham ...

Overall when it comes to the looks department, I rather like the styling of the AJS Modena it has definitely been a scooter I’ve become fonder of the …

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AJS Motorcycles

AJS, Matchless any I am interested in the artwork side of AMC. My grandfather Arthur Walkley founded the company Walkley Hodgson Ltd. in 1936. Later known as Commercial Publicity Ltd. which was the sole advertising agency for Associated Motorcycles of AJS and Matchless.

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AJS motorcycles for sale

It's in very good condition, with original bluegreen paint, airbox (with silencer), original seat (in excellent condition) as well as pretty much everything else is original. It has a new battery & chain and mufflers (head pipes etc. are original), fresh synthetic oil & filter change, valve adjustment and ignition tune-up.

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AJS & Matchless 500 Singles: out of the archive - RealClassic

The 497cc AJS Model 18 and the Matchless G80 were revealed in late 1945 and stayed largely unchanged for the following three years. Advert The 82.5mm bore by 93mm long-stroke motor gave 497cc and ran at 6:1 compression using the traditional British pushrod-operated overhead valves, dry sump lubrication with an external oil tank, and a four ...

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AJS REGAL-RAPTOR DD250E (2003-on) Motorcycle Review | MCN

The AJS Regal Raptor motor is old hat, no two ways about it. The 250cc Regal is OK in modern traffic but soon runs out of steam near 60mph and …

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AJS Motorcycles Ltd. (UK) | Motorcycle Manufacturer

At AJS we have an exciting range of affordable geared 50cc mopeds, 125cc scooters, 50cc scooters and 125cc motorcycles for sale to riders with a provisional licence and CBT, AM, A1, A2 and A category motorcycle driving licences. With dealer backup and an unlimited mileage, warranty, feel the benefits of low cost motoring by riding an AJS motorcycle or scooter.

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Has anyone got experience with Bullit motorcycles ...

I have an AJS cadwell at the minute, a classic looking cafe racer style bike, based off the same bike. Just about every Chinese 125 manufacturer in the UK makes a bike off this platform, be it a scrambler, cafe racer etc. I think a couple company’s ‘finish’ the bike in the UK, probably just by bolting the seat & tank on.

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1972 AJS Stormer 410 (since 1972) specs review

1972 AJS Stormer 410 (model since 1972) motorcycle specifications & performance data review. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of AJS Stormer 410 in 1972 the model with motocross body and 403 cm3 / 24.4 cui engine size, 25.7 kW / 35 PS / 34 hp of power, 4-speed manual powertrain offered since 1972.

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AJS Motorcycles models, specifications, reviews, photos ...

AJS A9 Flight 125. AJS Bobber 125. AJS Daytona 125. AJS DD 125E Mk3. AJS Digita 50. AJS Eco-2 125. AJS Eos 125 Mk2. AJS Eos 350. AJS Firefox 50.

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Plumstead’s Posh Parallel: 1952 AJS Model 20 - Motorcycle ...

The new twin was launched in 1949 as the Matchless G9 Super Clubman and the AJS Model 20 Spring Twin. The two motorcycles were identical except for the shape of the timing case, the fuel tank (the AJS tank held 4.5 U.S. gallons vs. 3.5 for the Matchless), seating (single seat and pillion pad for the AJS, “Dunlopillo” dual seat for the ...

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Ajs Motorcycles Motorpedia ALL models, history and ...


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AJS 18S Restoration - Classic Motorcycles


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Gallery – AJS and Matchless Owners Club (Aust.) Inc.

AJS and Matchless motorcycles and vehicles. Menu and widgets. COVID-19 Safety Plan ... I’m interested as I am led to believe my AJS is also 1950 (at least that is what the old rego papers say). ... My bike does have the candlestick shocks the rest I need to check up on. When I get the chance I will post pics. Good news is that after being ...

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Retrospective: 1958-1966 Matchless G12/CS/CSR 650 | Rider ...

Retrospective: 1958-1966 Matchless G12/CS/CSR 650. By. Clement Salvadori. -. October 30, 2019. 1961 Matchless G12CS. Owner: Steve Eorio, …

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AJS - Wikipedia

The most expensive cost £75, which was substantially more than many AJS motorcycles, although prices soon fell. Initial sales were good and by 1925, there were 10 models ranging from under £14 in a simple wooden case to over £50 with a finely veneered console cabinet. Radio production was increased and moved to a factory in Stewart Street.

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AJS Motorbikes for Sale | Car and Classic

ajs 14cs 250cc 1961 ajs model 14cs 250cc 1961 this is a very original bike. looked after very well clean smart good chrome & paint good runner will need a good service for your own peace of mind do not think you will find one as good as this for the price £2750 £2750

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New AJS motorcycles for sale - December 2021

AJS, cadwell 125, 2021, 125 (CC) Watford, Hertfordshire. £1,950. 2021. 93 miles. 124 cc. Private. AJS Cadwell, A virtually brand new bike, first registered 26.06.21 and covered less than one hundred miles. 150 kilometres only, that is 98 miles! A great...

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Motorbike showroom | AJS motorcycles | Taylor Brothers ...

The range of AJS motorcycles that we stock includes the Tempest Scrambler, the Modena and the Tempest Roadster. To have a look, visit our showroom in Stafford. 01785 781 122

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A rough guide to ‘retro’ scooters – 2 WHEELS LONDON

The scooter I purchased was a new AJS Modena 125, basically a re-badged Lexmoto Milano. OK, it may be plastic bolted onto a steel frame but it’s not all bad. The engine is a GY6 and it’s a proven unit, the scooter will do 60 on a good day - and because the bodywork is plastic it won’t rust and panels can be replaced if they get damaged.

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Are Lifan bikes any good? -

Keeping this in consideration, are Lifan motorcycles good? The Lifan, i believe, the 200 anyway, uses the OHV motor, but it's a good motor. I've sold a few of the 150s. Expect to put a decent chain on it, maybe a smaller rear sprocket, new tubes (the chinese use poor quality rubber in the tubes they use), and minor things otherwise.

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Bryan ⭐ Answeregy Expert

Vintage AJS

This blog is about restoring Vintage OHC AJS Motorcycles. Friday, 12 November 2021. ... My good buddy John Taylor came round to help (John has been a constant source of encouragement throughout the project – Thanks Mate) and we put the bike on the starting rollers …and, with my wife on the phone camera, the bike fired up for the first time. ...

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Preston ⭐ Answeregy Expert

JP pistons Australia ....any good? - Britbike forum

They are cast so not as good for hard use as JE's but for every day riding absolutely fine remembering that the crank will most likely need to be rebalanced. We had this out on another forum and it ended up the JP was the closest to Std weight, but that was more good luck than anything else.

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Motorcycles Tewkesbury | Bod's Custom Cycles | Servicing ...

AJS Motorcycles Bringing exceptional value and quality to the market, our AJS Motorcycles are stylish, affordable and have models to suit everyone. ... Very good value for money. He picked the bike up and dropped bike back when work was completed. Simon is a very knowledgeable bike mechanic who really knows his stuff. I will be defiantly ...

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Are Chinese motorbikes any good? – …

Are Chinese motorbikes any good? Both bikes are in good condition, albeit not new – but both being Japanese with big dealer networks, a strong customer base and reputation for reliability and quality mean that a lot of folks looking for a learner-legal machine would opt for the Suzuki or …

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Owners Manual -

any aspects, consult your AJS Dealer for advice or service. Pictures and specifications are correct at the time of publication. Due to the continuous development and improvement of the motorcycle, there maybe some discrepancies in

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AJS Motorcycle Repair Questions, Solutions and Tips - Fixya

6/19/2017 8:36:27 PM • AJS Motorcycles • Answered on Jun 19, 2017. 0 helpful. 1 answer. Hi i just bought a. Make sure you are adjusting valves on compression stroke (intakes opens first then closes coming upon compression) timing chains are big problem in atv's due to …

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