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Are all 1911 9mm mags the same?

Looking for an answer to the question: Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Are all 1911 9mm mags the same?

Springfield Armory Warren Tactical model and Wilson imho make the two most reliable 9mm 1911s. Every day is Saturday and every night's a party! I had a S&W 9mm 1911 Pro Series for a few years, it was a great gun, very accurate, ran perfect, and was a smokin' fast shooter.

The Ruger SR1911 is a semi-automatic pistol modeled after the classic Colt M1911 pistol. Like the M1911, the Ruger 1911 is single action only.

Can you get an extended magazine for a 1911?

ProMag 1911 . 45 ACP Extended Magazine, 15 Rounds - 80879, Handgun & Pistol Mags at Sportsman's Guide.

Why is a 1911 so expensive?

Why Some 1911 Handguns Are So Expensive Ultimately, some competition-driven modifications found their way to carry guns. ... Due to poor quality control and the use of less-than-ideal materials and parts, these bargain guns gave 1911s a bad reputation. This pushed consumers to high-end variants and to custom gunsmiths.

What is the point of 9mm 1911?

These shooters have embraced the recent availability of the 9 mm M1911 as a way to keep shooting the platform they know so well and love. The 9 mm Luger chambering allows them to actually enjoy shooting or allows them to shoot a few more magazines of ammunition during a range session.

What brand 1911 did the military use?

Colt Manufacturing Company 45 ACP cartridge. The U.S. military procured around 2.7 million M1911 and M1911A1 pistols during its service life....M1911 pistol.United States Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911DesignerJohn BrowningDesigned1911 (Model 1911) and 1924 (Model 1911A1)ManufacturerColt Manufacturing Company

Does 1911 Take 9mm?

9mm 1911s are an excellent choice for new 1911 owners and even those who just appreciate the platform. 9mm 1911s do give you access to the cheapest centerfire pistol ammo on the market, and cheaper ammo means more shooting. John Browning's classic single-stack design is the most common magazine type in a 1911.

Are 1911 9mm magazines interchangeable?

Are all 1911 magazines interchangeable? The answer is NO. Although they are typically interchangeable within frame sizes, and often between some frame sizes 1911 magazines are not universal across the board. The 1911 pistol is one of the most famous handguns in the world.

What caliber was the original 1911?

.45 ACP The M1911, also known as the Colt 1911, or the Colt Government, is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the . 45 ACP cartridge....M1911 pistol.United States Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911Length8.5 in (216 mm)

Are 1911 magazines interchangeable?

Are all 1911 magazines interchangeable? The answer is NO. Although they are typically interchangeable within frame sizes, and often between some frame sizes 1911 magazines are not universal across the board. The 1911 pistol is one of the most famous handguns in the world.

Are all 1911 same size?

Whilst the 1911 frame was at one point limited to just one size, there are currently three "frame" sizes for most 1911 pistols, roughly corresponding to full-size, compact and subcompact sizes. There are also a number of micro-sized pistols that have 1911-derived designs as well.

What is the difference between 9mm and 1911?

3:3212:371911- Comparing 45acp vs 9mm - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOne thing you will find is with that amount of weight in a nine millimeter cartridge. The recoil isMoreOne thing you will find is with that amount of weight in a nine millimeter cartridge. The recoil is almost non-existent. You almost feel the slide cycling more than you feel the round going off.

What 1911 is closest to the original?

Bottom Line: The Inland Manufacturing 1911A1 Government is the closest you'll get to finding a modern-manufacture and authentically recreated version of the original.

What is the highest capacity magazine for a 1911?

ProMag 1911 . 45 ACP Extended Magazine, 15 Rounds.

Are Colt 1911 magazines any good?

Colt's 1911 Factory Mags are actually pretty great and will work with any 1911 — whether it's made by Colt or not. Fortunately, they're sold individually, so you don't need to buy a Colt 1911 to get your hands on them. Available in both stainless steel and blued finishes, they come in versions for .

What does 1911 mean in guns?

The "1911" in the name is because the pistol was adopted by the United States Army in the year 1911. M1911A1 pistols have an 'A1' added because they were changed from the original design in the 1920s in military service.

How many bullets can a 1911 hold?

8 rounds Magazine capacities Standard (not extended) single-stack magazines, pistols based on the 1911 design commonly hold 8 rounds or less. Many modern pistols have adopted the cartridge into double-stacked magazine designs to increase ammo capacity, though this increases the pistol's handle width.

What is a 1911 9mm pistol?

The 1911 is a single action, magazine-fed, recoil operated, semi-automatic pistol, usually working with a . 45 ACP cartridge. For more about ammunition – check out our bullet and caliber guide. The pressure of the combustion gases pushes the round down the barrel at speeds averaging 850 feet/second.

Are all CZ magazines interchangeable?

All standard size framed CZ 75 series models, with exception of Tactical Sports models, can fit the same magazine. Different CZ 75 models will use different magazine from factory, but the difference is only in materials used or base pad used.

How many rounds can a 1911 9mm hold?

Advantages Of A 1911 9mm Granted, the single-stack magazine means that you get an additional 2 rounds in most magazines, so up to 9+1. However, some magazines for 9mm 1911 pistols can bring that up to 10 rounds, giving the person carrying up to 11 rounds.

Are 9mm 1911 reliable?

Both my 9mms feed 100% reliably and they both eat anything I've fed them without a hiccup except one round with a very hard primer. That's pretty much what I've been shooting for the past 10 or so months. And this from a 45acp shooter that said he wouldn't do 9mm anymore after 1981.

Does a 1911 come in 9mm?

Springfield 1911 9mm For Carry: Range Officer Compact The Range Officer Compact Springfield 1911 9mm pistol is technically a CCO, or Concealed Carry Officer model. ... 45 ACP, but is a gem in 9mm. In terms of features for price, it's one of the best bangs per buck of Springfield handguns.

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? Video Answer

Mec-Gar : Best Aftermarket Handgun Magazines

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? Expert Answers

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Any opinions on Brownells 9mm 1911 mags? | 1911 Firearm ...


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Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? –

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? The answer is NO. Although they are typically interchangeable within frame sizes, and often between some frame sizes 1911 magazines are not universal across the board. The 1911 pistol is one of the most famous handguns in the world. It’s so popular that most manufacturers offer their own version.

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Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? – AnswersToAll

Are all 1911 9mm mags the same? Just picked up a 1911 single stack 9mm and I am looking at buying some more mags. Do I have to stick with the specific brand I have or will say colt or kimber mags fit my Para? No, they’re not. Each magazine has slightly different dimensions, and the followers are all different designs.

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Shopping for 1911 Magazines can be Confusing—Read …

The answer is NO. Although they are typically interchangeable within frame sizes, and often between some frame sizes 1911 magazines are not universal across the board. The 1911 pistol is one of the most famous handguns in the world. It’s so popular that most manufacturers offer their own version.

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1911 9mm magazines? What's the best. | 1911Forum

As much as a brand of 9mm 1911 firearm may come off the same assembly line, it may exhibit different magazine preferences from some of its siblings. You have to test. Test one at a time. Do not order six to get the price break. Metalform has two styles. One has the traditional spacer plate in the rear to make the round sit forward.

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[Tested] Best 1911 Magazines: .45 ACP and 9mm - Pew …


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Mag Matters – 1911 Magazines - Handguns

They are the OEM pistol magazine supplier for half the world’s firearms companies and have been making better-than-GI 1911 magazines almost since the day they opened in 1965. Stainless or blued magazine bodies, anti-tilt followers, standard or extra-capacity magazines, in 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W or .45 ACP you can get any kind of 1911 magazine you need from …

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Any opinions on Brownells 9mm 1911 mags? | 1911 Firearm ...

All 1911 mags are not created equal. In fact 1911's can be more "magazine sensitive" than most other semi auto handguns. Now add in 9mm to the 1911 mag equation and mag choice is even more important. If in doubt, go WC

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The Four Best 1911 Magazines Money Can Buy

The Four Best 1911 Magazines Money Can Buy. 1. Chip McCormick Power Mag (8 Round) The Chip McCormick Power Mag holds eight rounds and usually as a polymer base plate. It is installed with roll ... 2. Colt Magazine (7 or 8 Round) 3. Ed Brown Magazine (8 …

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1911 9mm Magazine - CHECK-MATE MAGAZINES

1911 9mm. $25.45 – $35.15. 1911 9mm Caliber Magazines – Our gun magazines are made from the highest quality American milled stainless and high carbon steel. We manufacturer 1911 9mm, 9 Round Magazines. The proven reliability of our gun magazines speaks for itself. 100% designed, developed and manufactured in the USA. Size Select Size.

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1911 Magazines | GunMag Warehouse

Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911, 9mm 8-Round Magazine (1) $26.99. Out of Stock. Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical 9MM 10-Round Blued Steel Magazine with ETM Base Pad (6) $41.00. Out of Stock. Springfield Armory 1911 9mm 8-Round Ultra …

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1911 Elite Tactical Magazine | 10 Round 9mm | Full-Size

Magazine, 1911, Elite Tactical, 9mm, Full-Size, 10 Round, ETM Base Pad. Introducing The Wilson Combat Next Generation ETM-9mm 1911 magazines-Now Completely Redesigned for Enhanced Reliability. In the quest for flawless magazine function across a wide variety of custom and production handguns Bill Wilson has redesigned our Elite Tactical 9mm 1911 magazines to …

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Best 1911 9mm mags ? [Archive] - Forums

The Metalform are cheaper than the Dawson (same mags), but have a plastic slam pad instead of the metal pad as on the Dawson. straitR. 05-28-17, 12:21. This is somewhat of a loaded question. While there may actually be a best 9mm 1911 magazine, that magazine may or may not work with your 9mm 1911.

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1911 9mm Magazines (Springfield Armory Range Officer ...

32,955 Posts. #2 · Nov 30, 2018. I have several 1911 platform 9mm pistols. Kimber, Springfield Armory and Kimber. I use Metalform mags with no problems. I'm sure you own a dial caliper so load the MacGar mag and a SA mag. Measure the thickness of each mag. Not saying this is the problem but have experienced.

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Best reliability Single Stack 1911 9mm Magazines? - 1911 ...

I'd like to be able to use these mags in all my single-stack 9mm's; Typically I'm shooting either 115 or 147 Gr. jacketed, I go where the cheap ammo is (either new or reman), and sometimes shoot suppressed. I typically don't compete with these (yet), so the mags aren't seeing a lot of wear and tear, mainly just range-toys.

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Mec-Gar Magazine, 1911 9mm, 9-Round | Up to 11% Off 4.6 ...

This Mec-Gar Magazine, 1911 9mm, 9-Round is a high quality upgrade that you can trust. That's because Mec-Gar designed these Magazines with a heat-treated carbon steel tube with a steel follower for maximum ruggedness. Also, the Mec-Gar USA Inc 1911 Magazine uses a higher tensile music wire spring to ensure proper feeding every time, and the welded butt-plate will …

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Is it possible to use one 9mm Luger handgun magazine in ...

Unfortunately not. I say unfortunately because these magazines can cost $40 each, so having them be standardized to the degree that certain other firearm magazines are (1911, AR-pattern) would be wonderful. As it is, every manufacturer has a slightly different take on the double-stack 9mm magazine.

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1911 - Made In the USA

For full size 1911 handguns, 9mm 10-rd capacity. The all-new RANGE PRO 1911 magazine from CMC is a combination of some of our best new magazine technology and all new basepad design that makes the RANGE PRO a top choice for carry, competition or general range use at a price that can't be beaten.

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1911 9mm | Taurus Firearm Forum

I had the same pistol for a repair and a tune up few months ago an shot a couple of mags throug it and I simply loved it. The 1911 is one of the most fun 9mm to shoot, soft, easy and accurate. I have also shot Colt 1911 in 9mm and 45 side by side and really have a hard time decide which one I liked better.

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1911 9mm Magazine | Cheaper Than Dirt

QuickView. Armscor 1911 10 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Metal Construction Blued Finish. Armscor 1911 10 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Metal Con... 5.0. Our Low Price. $25.31. QuickView. Ed Brown 1911 Magazine 9 Round 9mm Stainless. Ed Brown 1911 Magazine 9 Round 9mm Stainless.

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1911 9mm frame same as .45ACP? -

Is a 9mm 1911 frame equivalent to a .45ACP frame, or are there subtle differences (like, say, the mag well's fore/aft length or the length of the grip's cross section)? I've been toying with the idea--which means I'm only thinking about it and am still a long way off from ever going forward with it (if at all)--of building a 9mm 1911 for my wife.

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9mm 1911 mag choices - Page 2 - 1911-style Pistols - Brian ...

Be careful though, because Mec-Gar decided to use the same SKU for the new ones as their old ones (which are trash). All the 9mm 1911 mags with the spacer in the back of the mag tube (Wilson, Metalform, Dawson, etc) are crap compared to the new Mec-Gar's.

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1911 Auto Magazine, 7 round - SARCO, Inc

Most important, it eliminates any chance for deformation of the front of the mag from cartridge inertia. • For use in all Gov’t & Commercial 1911 pistols 1911, 1911A1 - Gov’t Series 70, Series 80, commander, Essex, Rock Island, etc. - Also the many, many, many aftermarket 1911’s. This is half the price of most reasonable .45 mags!

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9 Best 9mm 1911s: Move Over .45 ACP - Pew Pew Tactical

The 1911 series guns all ship with 2 magazines. The compact U series have 8-rounders, the C and G series feature 9-round mags. Desert Eagle 1911 C 770. at Palmetto State Armory. ... why doesnt somebody make a 9mm with the …

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1911 Magazines: Some Are Good, And Some Should Be Avoided ...

Magazines for the 1911 pistol have evolved more during the past two decades than during any other time since the pistol s introduction. The bane of the 1911 is cheaply made magazines, with poor ammunition close behind. For many years, the only choices were Colt factory magazines, which were usually high quality, then GI magazines, and poorly made gun …

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Magazines - 1911 9Mm

Two stainless magazines for 1911 9mm pistols. It's your responsibility to make sure this is OK to own here you are. $3 shipping in a padded envelope. Factory Colt 1911 9mm auto 9 round Pistol Magazine stainless steel. This is a 9 round factory colt 9mm auto stainless steel magazine that fits Colt 1911 models.

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Metalform Mag 1911 Government Commander 9mm Luger 9 …

Metalform is the OEM magazine of many handgun manufactures today. These magazines offer the same reliability as a factory magazine with many added features. The Springfield-style, built-in front ramp improves round feed into chamber. A flat follower provides consistent feeding for all 1911 9mm pistols.

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Springfield's 1911 Mini-Me: The 911 9mm - GunsAmerica Digest

One is a flush-fitting 6-round mag, and the other has an extension for 7-rounds. I have large hands and the extension allows me to get all three fingers on the grip. The magazines are stainless steel. The magazine well. Extra magazines are just $24 each, which is a big deal compared with $40 and $50 for Kimber’s and SIG’s magazines ...

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9mm Magazines | Buy the Best 9mm Magazines for Sale Online ...

Shop 9mm magazines online from top-selling brands. With 250+ 9mm magazines for sale on our website, we're confident you'll find a reliable, affordable 9mm magazine that meets your specific needs. Explore our collection of 9mm mags at The Mag Shack!

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Springfield Armory 9mm Ronin 1911 - GUNS Magazine

The timeless ergonomics of the 1911 design are still in play. The Ronin Operator comes from the same Springfield Armory that gave us the little scaled-down 9mm EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol) that has gladdened handgunners’ hearts for 15 years. It carries the same 9+1 rounds of the same ammo and can now be had in a 4″-barrel version with 10+1 ...

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1911 Magazines - Ed Brown

Magazines are not the immortal. Your gun might last you a hundred years but your magazines will not. So if you're running the same magazines for fifty years ago you might want to, at the very least update some springs and things like that, right? And they do require clean and lube as well. They certainly do. Yeah they require maintenance. In particular in a 1911 so if you have a 1911 …

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So why don't I want a 9mm 1911? [Archive] - ...

You need to use an AFTEK extractor and the Wilson mags are the key to reliability. The most common gun for us here is an STI 9mm 1911 most people don't want to spend custom gun money on a 9mm 1911 so they use factory guns to start. STI has less MIM parts then there competitors for the same money.

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Springfield Armory 1911 9MM 9 Round Magazine

Springfield Armory factory 9 round 9mm replacement magazine for 1911 9mm guns made to the same specifications as the Colt factory P10927 originals that came with the gun. Made from steel with a blued finish. This replacement magazine is manufactured in the same factory as the magazines that came with the gun to the exact same specifications and ...

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1911 Mags | Academy

Springfield Armory 1911 9mm 9-Round Magazine $ 32 99. Online Only. FREE SHIPPING. Springfield Armory 1911 .40 S&W 8-Round Magazine $ 32 99. 3.8 (11) ProMag Colt Government Model 1911 .45 ACP 10-Round Magazine $ 21 99. 1. 2. 1911 Mags ...

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Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 9MM Magazine

Product Description. This is a Springfield Armory factory made magazine for model 1911 emp Concealed Carry Contour Pistols. Magazine made from heat treated blued steel and holds 9 rounds of 9mm ammunition. This factory replacement magazine is original equipment and it is manufactured in the same factory using the same manufacturing process as ...

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Range Pro | Full-Size 1911, 9mm, 10 Round, Stainless

Part Number: M-RP-9FS10. Price. $34.95. 57 Review (s) 5. 0. 5. For full size 1911 handguns, 9mm 10-rd capacity. The all-new RANGE PRO 1911 magazine from CMC is a combination of some of our best new magazine technology and all new...

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Tripp Research 9mm 10 Round Stainless Steel Magazine ...

The problem was the factory Mec-Gar mags that were provided. Ill be getting more Tripp Magazines. The Magazine quality is great. The follower systems on the Tripp Magazines makes a big difference on how the bullet feeds a 9mm. Best 1911 9mm mag on the market.

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1911 Magazines - Springfield Armory Web Store

420 West Main Street Geneseo, Illinois 61254. © 2021 Springfield Armory. All rights reserved. × Global Message

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Most RELIABLE 9mm 1911 Clone - AR15.COM

I like my two .45acp 1911’s but for 9mm I went with an M&P 2.0 and changed out the trigger to an apex. Gives me the 1911 grip angle of 18 degrees and the high quality 1911 trigger. It’s truly the best compromise to carrying a 1911 in 9mm and it’s slightly lighter than the steel or aluminum frame 1911’s I own.

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9mm mags, opinions? | Glock Forum - GlockTalk

Since this is the 1911 sub forum, I believe he's asking about 9mm 1911 magazines, not Glock mags. OP, I have had good experience with the 9mm Metalform 1911 magazines, I believe they make the OEM mags for Springfield Armory Inc. In terms of 45acp 1911 mags, I've had good luck with the Kimber KimPro Tac-Mags, and Wilson Combat mags.

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1911 – Changing Your Caliber – Hooper Gun Works

1911 – Changing Your Caliber. You’ve already got a great 1911 but you want to shoot a different caliber out of it. No worries, we’ve got the master list here of what you need to change out. For each caliber change you’ll need to swap out the barrel, recoil spring, magazine, and ammo. Outside of those core caliber specific parts, it ...

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Rock Island Armory ACT-MAG Full-Size 1911 9mm 10-Round ...

Rock Island Armory ACT-MAG Full-Size 1911 9mm 10-Round Blued Magazine RIA-MAG. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description. Shipping and payments. eBay item number: 323694018318. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on May 17, 2021 05:36:41 PDT View all revisions.

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Joes1911magmania 9mm Magazine - Set of 25 for sale online ...

Awesome 9mm 1911 magazines! I have a Springfield Armory Range Officer, Operator in 9mm. These magazines are almost identical to the factory magazines. The ONLY difference is these magazines have one less witness hole. Every other feature is identical. It is obvious these are coming from the same factory.

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1911 Magazine Base Pads Blue - Custom Defensive Products

1911 Magazine Base Pads Blue - Awesome! , 9.5.2019 Reviewer: Troy (Springfield, WV) I bought 25 to outfit my 1911 9mm magazines. They were here in 3 days standard shipping. I installed all of them with the screws provided. They fit perfectly, the holes lined up and they even sent 3 extra screws. Great pads, price and quick shipping. Top quality!

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greg cote llc : 1911 metalform magazines - ruger mini 14, mini 30 & 10/22 maglula&adco super thumb loader glock oem, kci & shield arms hogue sig sauer hogue grip screws mec-gar-cz plus 1,2,3&4 adapters smith & wesson magazines browning & springfield sa-35 ruger mec-gar & factory magazine sig sauer magazines para ordnance mec-gar magazines taurus magazines …

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WTS - S&W Pro Series 5” 9mm 1911 w/ extra mags ...

WTS. S&W Pro Series 5” 9mm 1911 w/ extra mags. Makes weight for IDPA ESP division (with aftermarket mag inserted). Face to face eFA10 or FFL transfer you pay. Worcester area Must have valid MA Class A LTC. includes factory hard case. I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a ...

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1911 Magazines - Wicked Grips | Custom Handgun Pistol Grips

1911 Magazines Magazines for the 1911 family of handguns Please click on photo to see product description page before ordering. “Note: We strive to give each customer as much information as possible before they make a purchase. Videos, descriptions, and phone/email support are all provided in order to educate the customer on what will, or will not fit their gun. …

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Magazine for RIA .22 TCM? -

It should work with any 1911-9mm mag, as they use the same mag for 9mm and 22TCM. I know they changed the 22TCM round to actually be the same OAL as a 9mm cartridge, so it will feed from existing 9mm mags, like Glock. Being that is the case, 9mm 1911 single stack mags should work. Email [email protected] He is their resident wizard and should ...

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